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Private Lessons with Brian Mays

Art lessons and Mentoring

Do you or someone you know want to learn to draw, paint, illustrate or design? I can help!

Or maybe you’re a parent who doesn’t know if your child can have a career in art. You’re not certain of how to direct or encourage them, but you want to be sure they don’t become the stereotypical “starving artist.” I’ve been a professional in an art based career for nearly thirty years, and I’ve mentored individuals of all ages as they took steps to build a career in art.

I want all students interested in art to realize the career opportunities that could be ahead of them. 

Together I’ll work with the student and try different media, techniques, subjects and approaches. We’ll talk about the types of things they like to create, and what they like to create with. Part art tutoring and part creative mentoring, I start from the student’s point of interest and passion and help them build their talents and skills in the direction they’d like.

Pricing & Packages

I currently offer 2 different packages, but I can do custom packages as well.

All packages come with a free initial meeting to determine direction. Parents and students are both asked to be present at the initial meeting.  


4 1-Hour Meetings, Paid Upfront


(a 10% discount)



• Regular schedule and meeting location
• It is preferred but not required that parents be present for the meetings.
• Meetings will be in person


Pay as you go

$50 per meeting



• Regular schedule and meeting location
• It is preferred but not required that parents be present for the meetings.
• Meetings will be in person

Parent Testimonial

We are so blessed Brian Mays was our son’s art teacher. He helped Bryant grow as an artist by introducing him to several media.

Brian encouraged Bryant to enter numerous art contests to showcase his work which also helped his self esteem. He was a great motivator and encouraged Bryant to take commissioned art jobs while in high school, mentoring him through the process of getting the work completed and to his clients. He also helped Bryant with preparing for contests he entered and won or placed at through Eastern Oklahoma Technology Center in Graphic Design and Skills USA.

Brian Mays encourages his students by giving them the tools they need to do well with their art while encouraging them to develop their own artistic style. We highly recommend Brian as an art instructor.

Troy and Darla Chitsey

Student Testimonial

I started lessons with Brian from 8th grade until my junior year of high school. These times with Brian were very beneficial to me as an artist and how I would grow to love creating. I learned the foundations very early on in our lessons and as I progressed we ventured into other art styles, techniques, and media. 

Brian was always encouraging and happy to transition to whatever I wanted to learn. He also helped me apply to art competitions which is very important for young artists to look into. When I got into high school I began to express an interest in graphic design as a career and Brian began teaching me about design principles and software. Finally, my time with Brian helped prepare me well for art classes in college. 

Bryant Chitsey